Buktebakken hyttegrend i vinter
Nisser insjøen i Nissedal
Nissedal i sommaren
Skiløyper i Nissedal , Fjone Høgfjell

Welcome to “Buktebakken Cabin Estate”. Great high standard plots just a few meters from Nisser.

17 ready for building plots

Year round cabin life – in Nissedal


Find your own paradise in Nissedal. The new cabin estate Buktebakken is situated idyllically by lake Nisser. In the summer you are tempted by long, white sandy beaches, in the winter, newly prepared cross country trails are ready to greet you in the hills of Fjone.


The cabin village of Buktebakken sits right in the middle of nature. You can quite easily spot a moose, a deer or a reindeer. Keep your camera ready for action while harvesting blueberries or lingberries in the surrounding hills.







Cabin rental


If you wish to rent a cabin, we can offer you the following places: On the farm, by lake Nisser, or on your own in the hills. You know best what suits you. Have a look under “Cabin rentals” for more information.



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